As a philosopher, I work primarily in philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and ethics.

As a computer scientist, I am interested in most anything to do with data: machine learning, deep learning, data structures, algorithms, etc.

I also work at the intersection of these two fields. Recently, I have been working in data ethics and ethics of AI technologies. I also have multiple active projects in digital humanities. Additionally, I use data science techniques to help resolve philosophical issues.

Dissertation (Philosophy)

My dissertation is about natural kinds. Most of the literature I engage with is from philosophy of science, though my work also engages with issues in philosophy of language, linguistics, and cognitive science. Additionally, having been inspired by a longstanding Third Critique reading group as well as the work of Michael Thompson and Sebastian Rödl, I am engaging with Kant's and Aristotle's rich and interesting treatments of natural kinds.

Masters Thesis (Computer Science)

I am working on issues in explainability and interpretability of machine learning and deep learning. I aim to help establish clear, useful versions of these concepts that are informed by my experience building and using these tools. More generally, I hope to use my competencies in both computer science and philosophy to help facilitate clear, informed ethical discourse about machine learning, deep learning, and similar technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

Updated July 2023